Don’t let summer end without taking advantage of the chance to eat — and, better yet — cook outside. In addition to starting a seasonal family tradition, cooking outside is a great way to get kids interested in food.

Follow Beth Stevens’s fun and easy recipes for kid shish-kabobs, grilled pizzas, yummy s’ mores, and more!

E-mail is fun to get, but sometimes it just isn’t the same as paper. Make some terrific stationery with a personal touch—your fingerprints! Then use it to send letters or cards to the special people in your lives.

Even if you can’t get out of town this season, you can enjoy the experience of watching these classic, family-approved videos about summer camp and summer vacations, from The Parent Trap to My Summer Story.

What to do if you want to get away but can’t afford the time, expense, and planning of an out-of-town vacation? Spend a weekend night in a local hotel for some low-key R&R.;